The Deylen Team 

Deylen is the conglomeration of Real-Estate companies owned and managed by Craig and Todd Von Deylen.  Deylen currently owns and manages all of its own properties with a current estimated total value of $18 million.  Most of Deylen’s properties are located on the Southeast side of urban Indianapolis in the Fletcher Place, Holy Rosary, and Fountain Square neighborhoods.

In 2006 Deylen recognized an opportunity to participate in the re-development of this part of Indianapolis and started purchasing and revitalizing properties there.  After many years of construction and development on Indy’s North side the Deylen brothers welcomed the challenge and rewards of urban redevelopment.  When asked about his involvement in urban re-development Craig Von Deylen stated, “There is nothing more satisfying than working in a neighborhood where you are encouraged to do your best work. Where you can watch your neighbors benefit from your investment as well as yourselves.  Being the catalyst for other great things is the ultimate fulfillment in our industry.”

The Southeast side of Indianapolis is in the beginning stages of a massive resurgence that is being driven by the neighborhood organizations and businesses located there.  It is a definitive grassroots movement.  Deylen recognized that and wanted to be a part of it.